Blue Dumpy Tree Frog

Blue Dumpy Tree Frog

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Dumpy Tree Frogs originate from Australia, Indonesia and New Guinea. They grow to be about 4 to 5 inches in length and typically live to be up to 15 years old. They are considered good frogs for beginners as they are nocturnal and usually are most active in the evening and at night. Dumpies are typically very docile and can tolerate handling however, amphibians tend to absorb chemicals and oils from our skin very easily so remember to keep handling to a low and to wash your hands before and after handling.

A minimum 25 gallon aquarium is recommended as these frogs love to climb and need plenty of space to act as they would in the wild. Dumpy Tree Frogs should be kept in their own enclosure away from other animals. A lid is essential as, again, these frogs are climbers and can easily climb on the walls of their enclosures. Lots of branches and hiding spots are ideal as they are nocturnal and need shade to hide under and sleep in during the day. Their living space should be kept at about 80 to 86 degrees F during the day and 72 to 78 degrees at night. A basking area is necessary, just keep in mind that they are nocturnal and should have a nocturnal bulb for lighting at night. 

Their diet primarily consists of crickets but cockroaches and earthworms can be fed to them as well. They are known to eat about anything put in front of them so it is imperative to keep them by themselves.