Dune Scorpion- Adult

Dune Scorpion- Adult

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Range/Location: Desert dunes of Arizona, California, and Nevada.

Max size: 3"-4.5"

Handling and Care

Temperment: First off, did we mention that these guys are FAST? When we say fast, we literally mean extremely quick. They are usually skittish and reluctant to leave the solitude of their hides when there is light, but at night, they are pretty active. I've also concluded that they won't sting easily (unless cornered), but instead will evade whoever it may be by just skuttling off at lightning speeds. I DO NOT recommend holding any scorpion unless you are an experienced keeper, but especially S.Mesaenesis because it would be impossible to not have one run off of you and disappear.

Venom: Maybe a 2. Stings, which apparently feel like hornet stings, seem to subside after hour-few hours with an icepack placed at the sting site. (Refer to sting reports on different websites for a more accurate description)


Housing: Adults will do just fine in a 2.5-5 gal. enclosure. However, this is RECOMMENDED because I've seen adults kept in much smaller ones than this, however, they like to scurry around everywhere so the larger, the better.

Substrate: Sand that has been moistened to dry in order to provide stable burrowing substrate, HOWEVER this is entirely optional if you provide some sort of hide. (Refer to "Decorations")

Decorations: None are really necessary since they can burrow in sand, BUT if you don't wish to provide a "burrow-allowing" substrate like the hard packed sand, at least place a flat rock or piece of driftwood inside the enclosure. Trust me, they will disappear underneath cover almost instantaneously.

Temperature/Humidity: Ideal temps for this sp. are 78-90 F. (Room temperature is just fine for most, if not all, scorpions. However, it is recommended for optimum growth that a heat source is provided.) Ideal humidity for this sp. is DRY. If you feel inclined to mist a partial side of the enclosure then do so ONCE a month. They are able to obtain moisture from their prey, but it's always better to be safe than sorry, right?


S.Mesaenesis are heavy eaters. They will consistently eat right up until pre-molt, but they eat abnormally more than any other scorpion species will. Crickets, roaches, and mealworms will work just fine as prey items. They kill the prey and then drag it under the rock or into their burrow to consume it.

Communal Adaptivity: NOT recommended for this species no matter how large the enclosure is. As already stated, this species is an aggressive feeder and they will not hesitate to kill/consume other scorpions smaller than itself.