We now offer the following services in our store!

  • Dog Washing Station

Dirty Dog Trolleys - 30 minutes of wash time included

    • Squeaky Clean Trolley - $10.00 - includes towel, dryer, shampoo and cotton balls
    • Flea & Tick Trolley - $15.00 - includes towel, dryer, flea and tick shampoo, flea comb use, cotton balls, and coat conditioning spray.
    • Super Spoiled Trolley - $20.00 - includes towel, dryer, shampoo, conditioner, cotton balls, nail dremel.

Don’t feel like getting dirty? For only $10 more we will bathe your dog for you when you purchase any of the above listed trolleys.

Need to go run errands? Add $15 to any of the above listed trolleys and we will babysit your pup for you in our super cool daycare. This will buy you three hours of daycare time.


  • Doggie Day Care

It's almost puuuuuurfect!



  • Dog Grooming

Fluffy pups coming soon!