Albino Corn Snake

Albino Corn Snake

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Corn Snakes typically each up to 4 to 5 feet long. They require a 20 gallon terrarium  in order to have enough space to live as they would outside of captivity. They are considered a great snake to have for beginners. You can use a light or an undertank heating pad but avoid sunlight as the temperatures may become lethal. Their tank should be kept at about 85 degrees F. 

Corn Snakes eat appropriately sized rodents but will not eat insects if provided to them. It is important to allow your snake to adapt to his/her new home before excessive handling especially since baby Corn Snakes are known to be defensive and anxious. Although babies are defensive there is no threat or real harm that they can do to you as, again, they are considered a beginner snake and are incapable of any damage.