Blue Eyed Crested Dragon Babies

Blue Eyed Crested Dragon Babies

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It is important to know that with all shipments of live animals, we currently do not guarantee, warranty, refund monies or apply credit to the receiver of live animals for any of the following reasons: deceased upon arrival, lost shipment, lost package, or package did not arrive in any given time allotted by the carrier and/or shipper/sender. We also do not accept returns on live animals for any reason whatsoever. When ordering live animals, a sound decision should be made due to the fact that it is a living animal that you are purchasing. This is a long-term commitment that should not be taken lightly. Please be absolutely sure of color, size, species, genus etc. of the animal that you are purchasing.

We do our utmost for any live animals under our care to ensure their health and happiness. We do this by recreating their environment of origin to the best of our ability. We also make sure that the animal is in good health and eating before it leaves our care. We will also email you a current photograph of the animal being purchased on the day of shipment. Feel free to call us anytime within store hours for any further inquiries. We would be happy to help you. Thank you.

Blue Eyed Crested Dragons' natural habitat is in the rainforest near water sources. These reptiles are tree dwellers- they are excellent climbers! They will need a tall enclosure when they're adults. They come from Tropical climates and need a basking area that is within the range of 87-95 degrees F, while the rest of the terrarium can remain between 75-80 degrees. They require a nice sized water dish due to where they typically live in the rainforest. 

Blue Eyed Crested Dragons eat insects. They tend to get bored if you feed them the same thing over and over again. However, they should be fed daily unless overweight. Be sure to switch up their diet! They can eat anything from crickets to hornworms as well as other insects.