Dogit Adjustable Harness

  • $7.99

In store price:

Large- 18.49

Medium- 14.49

Small- 9.79

X-Small- 8.79

XX-Small- 6.79

The Dogit Style Adjustable Harness is part of the Dogit Style Walking Apparel Collection which features collars, leashes and harnesses in unique, fashion-forward, exclusively-designed patterns. The Dogit Style Step-in Harness is designed to comfortably fit your dog. With the Dogit Style Adjustable Dog Harness the pull force is on the dog's chest area instead of its neck, making it great for controlling "pullers" during walks The adjustment sliders allow you to control the harness size and provide a custom fit. The quick release snaps allow the harness to be easily removed from your dog. The Dogit Style Step-In Harness is a great way to keep your dog in control, yet comfortable while out on a walk or run.