Green Anole

Green Anole

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Green Anoles typically live in the southern U.S. Their pinkish dewlap that is well-known amongst reptile enthusiasts is only mostly present in males. Green Anoles are considered great pets for beginners. It is highly recommended to keep these reptiles in a vertically oriented terrarium as many Anoles are more likely to take refuge in vines and vegetation rather than in ground-level hides. Untreated soil or bark substrates, mixed with decaying leaf-litter work well for green anoles.

Because these creatures are from the south, they prefer to live in warm climates. However, when setting up your terrarium, be sure to set up a basking spot, as well as leaving the rest of the tank at about 70 to 80 degrees. Allowing them to move in and out of warmth is important for regulation. If you provide a water bowl, make sure it is shallow as Anoles can not escape steep water dishes. They prefer to drink water from the dew on leaves and vines, so keep your plants misty.

Keeping handling to a minimum is best as they are fragile. Although, they can be lightly held.