Mini Bluetooth Pet GPS Tracker

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Features: 1. It can connect with Bluetooth of your phone, having the function of double-way search and the phone can connect with 8 monitors at the same time. 2. When the monitor exceeds the set range of Bluetooth, the phone and monitor will alarm at the same time. 3. On the mobile phone, you can inquire about the map location when the monitor is disconnected and locate the object. 4. You can set up the interference-free function. 5. Remote control of self-timer through remote control of mobile phone shooting function by the monitor. 6. Long-distance control of mobile phone recording function by the anti-loss device. Secret visits to obtain evidence. 7. Adopting the new Bluetooth 4.0, low power consumption, powered by CR2032, easy to change. 8. Support for IOS and Android 4.3 and above, (Bluetooth chip for mobile phone must be 4.0 and above can be used)!  

9. The monitor has a beautiful fashion appearance and 5 colors choices that can be matched with each other.

 Number: gps tracker gps collar Smart Tracker Bluetooth Tracker GPS Locator
Battery Life: 20-29 Hours