Mini Thermometer Hygrometer with Suction Cup

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1、Suitable for All Kinds Reptiles/AmphibiansAccurately measure the temperature and humidity of the terrarium, incubator, brooder, propagator, etc., so as to ensure that the pet has a good living environment.

2、High-sensitivity Probes: Measurements are more precise. 3、Easy to Read

4、Large Screen Display: Screen size: 69*30MM,. Large screen and large numbers. 

5、Easy to Install: With strong suction cup. 

Type: Electronic thermometer

Model Number: Electronic Thermometer
Dimensions: 88*48.5*11mm/3.46*1.91*0.43in
Screen size: 69*30mm/2.72*1.18in
Probe line length: 1.5M amphibious