Nature Zone Bites for Tortoises

Nature Zone Bites for Tortoises

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Give your tortoise the complete nutrition he needs in every bite with the Nature Zone Bites Tortoise Food. These moist, bite-sized gel cubes are formulated with easily-digestible isolated whey and soy proteins with whole eggs to support healthy growth, soluble carbohydrates and plant-derived fiber to promote intestinal health, and vitamins and minerals for overall wellbeing. It’s a natural source of easily absorbable calcium, and has a water to solid ratio that’s just like the leafy vegetables your pal would eat in the wild. Plus, it has a tasty musk melon flavor and scent that’s been proven to stimulate appetite and attract tortoises to eat. The formula is ready to eat with no pre-mixing or soaking needed.


  • Gel cubes provide easily-digestible protein from soy and whey to support growth and wellbeing in tortoises.
  • Supports intestinal health and optimum digestibility with soluble carbohydrates and fiber from plants.
  • Enhanced with essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin D3 and bioavailable calcium from calcium lactate.
  • Appetite-stimulating musk melon flavor, color and smell encourages eating, and has water to solid ratio that mimics food in the wild.
  • Proudly made in the USA and doesn’t need any preparation or soaking, just sprinkle over your pal’s food as a treat or give on its own.